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The statistics which illustrate Philadelphia’s economic future are almost as numerous as its historic cobblestones. Historical Locations Management (“HLM”) has realized the immense potential, and need, for unique historical venues in the Philadelphia area, Wilmington (DE), or the South Jersey area. Dedicated to cultivating the highest standards, HLM prides itself on engendering more interest in the extensive history of the region by arranging the ultimate venue for those customers with the most discriminating tastes.

Colleen’s extensive client background ensures event placement. She warms hearts on cold calls, turns sales meetings into relationships, and exceeds expectations on a regular basis. HLM will bring this personal involvement to your organization. Colleen’s dedication and proficiency have earned her a recurring customer base and a constant pursuit of new and unique historical venues. If you are a historical location in the Philadelphia area, Wilmington (DE), or South Jersey and you feel we can assist your marketing efforts, please feel free to contact us.

We Are Looking for New Venues In the Following Areas


We have clients that are looking to gain access to amazing locations throughout the city. With historical venues like private clubs and mansions, we stand out and attract the high-end customers that you want.


We are actively looking to increase the venues in the Wilmington area. Already working with iconic hotels and private clubs, we are in constant pursuit of private and exclusive venues to connect our customers with.

South Jersey

Known for beaches and farmland, South Jersey can be a fantastic backdrop for our clients. We are looking to bring on private clubs, historical locations, and other unique venues.

Client Exposure

HLM will provide rare and unique entertaining facilities for corporate and private event customers. HLM is dedicated to minimizing administrative overhead while delivering the most possible benefit to both customers and our client venues. If you are interested in becoming an elite client venue as part of the HLM program, please contact us at 484-393-1660. The goal of the broker is to facilitate the most mutually beneficial relationship possible. HLM continues to expand and encourages those venues of the highest quality interested in more exposure, please contact us and join our team.


“I worked with Colleen for eight years when she was the Director of The Stotesbury Mansion in Philadelphia, where she used her excellent salesmanship and leadership skills to deliver spectacular events and strong revenue. I am confident that Colleen’s exceptional talents, professional experience, and personal qualities will make her a powerful asset to your organization.

As a venue director, Colleen consistently demonstrated extensive knowledge of the special events industry.

Her superb communication skills and in-depth knowledge of The Stotesbury Mansion exponentially increased the number of events consistently, on an annual basis. Moreover, her uncanny ability to facilitate clear communication between the caterers and industry professionals ensured misunderstandings were few and far between.

Colleen’s extraordinary focus and strategic way of thinking always made her a stand-out from other venue directors in the area. Whenever there were issues, before, during, or after an event, she would showcase her admirable qualities by quickly identifying the concern and pleasantly dealing with the issues.

Colleen has my highest recommendation.”

– Andy Snow, President/Principal, Feastivities Events

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