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Growing need for unique venues

Colleen Comerford, president of Historical Locations Management, combines her extensive experience as a sales and marketing executive with over 20 years of experience and her love of Philadelphia to meet the needs of both clients and venues.  Our unique venues and private clubs have become elegant venues and highly sought after locations for the most prestigious events.


Historical Locations Management

We are your key to exclusive
museums, mansions, castles and private clubs...

The statistics which illustrate Philadelphia’s economic future are almost as numerous as its historic cobblestones. Historical Locations Management has realized the immense potential, and need, for unique venues in and around the city. Dedicated to cultivating the highest standards, Historical Locations Management prides itself on engendering more interest in the extensive history of the region by arranging the ultimate venue for those clients with the most discriminating tastes.

Colleen’s extensive client background ensures event placement. She warms hearts on cold calls, turns sales meetings into relationships and exceeds expectations on a regular basis. Historical Locations Management will bring this personal involvement to your organization. Colleen’s dedication and proficiency have earned her a recurring client base and a need for new and unique venues.


Client Exposure

Historical Locations Management will provide rare and unique entertaining facilities for corporate and private clientele. Historical Locations Management is dedicated to minimizing administrative overhead, while delivering the most possible benefit to both clients and venues. If you are interesting in becoming an elite venue as part of the Historical Locations Management program please contact us at (610) 999-5674. The goal of the broker is to facilitate the most mutually beneficial relationship possible. Historical Locations Management continues to expand and encourages those venues interested in more exposure and are of the highest quality to join us.