Whether you are planning a wedding, private party, or corporate event the very first thing to consider is the location. In many cases (because they include catering, drinks, and other services), it is the aspect of your event that has the highest dollar amount. We hear from so many people that they want the wow factor when they are looking for a location to host an event. But they often forget to consider some very important aspects of the facility before booking, and in turn, end up with a venue that was not right for them. One of the things we take pride in is that the historical locations that we manage all have that wow factor! When you have an event at a location that is of historical relevancy, outside of the beautiful architecture and elegant design,  you are becoming part of the history of that location. However, even with this, our goal is to help people get the location that makes the most sense.

Size and Layout:

This is obvious, but you would be surprised how many times people will squeeze too many guests into a venue, or once they arrive there is a strange layout to the event. Here are some things to consider:

  • Can it comfortably hold all of your guests?
  • Are there awkward pillars that might get in the way?
  • How many people will be at a table? Most people are comfortable at a table of 8. 10 is the limit.


Logistics are often overlooked when you fall in love with a location. But, when you have guests that have to spread into other areas during dinner and they cannot see the dance floor or hear announcements it can leave guests frustrated. Here are some logistics to consider:

  • Are you going to be the only party at the location?
  • Is there more than one room or area that your guests will be able to be in?
  • If you are holding a ceremony, is there another area for that?
  • Where will the DJ or band set up?


  • Do they offer uplighting?
  • Does the lighting match the mood of the event?
  • If you are having a wedding ceremony at dusk, where is the sunset occurring? This can hurt photography.


Having a beach wedding is beautiful until you get there and there is a 12 person family running around shirtless next to your event and in the background of wedding pictures! Take time to consider:

  • What is the view of the venue as people arrive?
  • What is the view from the venue if there are windows looking out or if you are outside?
  • Inside, is there artwork that is not going to match your event or draw away people’s attention?


  • What is the color scheme of the interior decor?
  • Will it clash with your event color scheme?
  • If you are having an event that is modern country and the venue is contemporary, will your decorations look odd?

Electrical Outlets:

If you are having outside vendors like a DJ or Photobooth, are there ample power outlets for them to use? Having vendors run extension chords can be a mess and tripping hazards.


This one is kind of obvious. If your guests have to drive around a city area looking for a place to park, it can be very frustrating. Make sure to have a parking location for them.


Did you know that 80% of customers will rate a restaurant based on the cleanliness of the bathrooms? Imagine what the perception of your event will be!

All in all, your goal is to find the perfect venue to suit your event. Here at HLM, we strive to match the right historical location to your event. We have some of the most exclusive locations in the Philadelphia region and Wilmington, DE. Being that there are private clubs and venues, if you want a tour we invite you to contact us today. Make your even part of history!

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